Upgrade Log

BitBrowser 6.0.9 Upgrade Log (2024-4-30)

  1. Optimize API to fix the issue where the window cannot be closed in some cases.

  2. Optimize the login to Google to resolve the security warning caused by disabling web push notifications.

  3. Add a 'sort' parameter to browser/list API, allowing sorting by 'desc' or 'asc'.

  4. Introduce a new API endpoint, /rpa/run, to execute RPA tasks via API calls.

  5. Add a new API endpoint, /rpa/stop, to stop RPA tasks via API calls.

  6. Open /autopaste for simulated input interface, see documentation for details.

  7. Optimize window behavior to reconnect and focus when minimized.

  8. System settings: Custom browser icons now display custom sorting order numbers.

  9. System settings: Add global setting for "Process Guard", which periodically clears residual processes to prevent issues during script execution.

BitBrowser 6.0.8 Upgrade Log (2024-3-29)

  1. Optimize window arrangement to support arranging on specified displays when using multiple monitors.

  2. Introduce the /alldisplays interface to fetch a list of all displays. The custom arrangement interface now includes the screenId parameter for specifying the display.

  3. WebRTC introduces a "Privacy" option. Websites can detect the activation of WebRTC but cannot access the IP address.

  4. Enhance custom extensions.

  5. Improve compatibility with more formats when setting cookies using the /browser/cookies/set endpoint.

  6. Add the /browser/close/all interface to close all currently open windows.

  7. The Firefox kernel introduces "Sync LocalStorage" and "Sync Bookmarks" functionalities.

  8. RPA workflow design now supports kernel selection.

  9. Add a commonly used setting to "Disable webpage popup notifications," supporting the Chrome kernel.

  10. Add a commonly used setting to "Disallow websites from reading clipboard content," supporting the Chrome kernel.

BitBrowser 6.0.7 Upgrade Log (2024-1-30)

  1. Added a new version with the Firefox engine, currently supporting only the Windows version. Welcome to try it out.

  2. Fixed issues with some proxy detection failures.

  3. Optimized webGPU fingerprint matching and other fingerprints.

  4. Added a quick repair function for abnormal window opening and optimized the user experience.

BitBrowser 6.0.6 Upgrade Log (2024-1-3)

  1. Fix the issue where cookies are still set despite having cleared the cache preference.

  2. Optimize the system proxy detection configuration.

  3. Introduce the /browser/cookies/set API to set real-time cookies for open windows.

  4. Introduce the /browser/cookies/get API to retrieve real-time cookies for open windows.

  5. Introduce the /browser/cookies/format API to format cookies.

  6. Fix the preference setting issue for "Disable Video Playback."

  7. Window configuration now includes 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) functionality. After setting a key, you can obtain a verification code on the dashboard.

BitBrowser 6.0.5 Upgrade Log (2023-12-13)

  1. Optimize performance to address latency issues in certain scenarios.

  2. Add automatic detection of system proxy configuration in global settings to effectively optimize pseudo-global issues.

  3. Fix the problem of being unable to delete custom extensions in the extensions, and add the ability to enable specific extension functionality for specified windows.

  4. Optimize the cookie parameters in the /browser/update and /browser/update/partial interfaces, allowing for the use of arrays or strings.

  5. Introduce permission control for displaying the username and password of the account platform in browser windows.

  6. Optimize the /browser/open queue parameter for queue control when set to true.

BitBrowser 6.0.4 Upgrade Log (2023-11-16)

  1. Fix read-write errors causing window arrangement issues when frequently closing and arranging profiles.

  2. Prohibit image display with new image size settings, allowing the blocking of images exceeding this size.

  3. Fix the crash issue on Mac systems when a website activates microphone or camera permissions.

  4. Optimize fingerprinting, enhancing fingerprint security.

  5. Common settings now include "Stop opening when IP corresponds to a changed country/region."

  6. Fix the issue where some mobile devices do not display mobile mode upon first opening.

  7. /browser/open adds a 'queue' parameter, setting it to true opens profiles in a queue, with a maximum interval of 1 second, preventing concurrent errors when launching scripts in multi-threading.

  8. The settings have been updated to include a Local Api Token. This feature can be activated when calling the Local API in a public network environment to ensure information security.

BitBrowser 6.0.3 Upgrade Log (2023-10-13)

  1. Fix the issue where, in certain cases, the browser cannot be opened after each client startup.

  2. Fix the issue where enabling "Sync Saved Autofill" causes some windows to not open. We recommend affected users to upgrade.

  3. Optimize the client so that it can be invoked by double-clicking the desktop shortcut even when minimized to the system tray.

  4. In the global settings, a new "Bookmark Import Mode" has been added when importing Chrome bookmarks. You can choose the "Replace" mode, and browser bookmarks will strictly adhere to the global settings.

  5. Optimized fingerprint configuration

BitBrowser 6.0.1 Upgrade Log (2023-9-26)

  1. Optimize the "Sync Extension Data Across Browsers" feature.

  2. Enhance the "Sync Saved Autofill" feature.

  3. Optimize the simulation of mobile fingerprint security.

  4. Add fingerprint information display and IP copying functionality to the workspace page.

  5. Introduce password verification for the browser profiles transfer feature, which can be enabled or disabled in the user profile.

  6. Fix the issue of a blank window appearing when minimizing the open window during mobile simulation.

  7. Improve fingerprint security and resolve issues with certain websites not opening.

  8. Enhance the kernel upgrade logic, changing automatic upgrades to upgrade prompts, allowing users to choose whether to upgrade the kernel.

  9. Comprehensive architecture optimization to improve software stability and performance. Users experiencing crashes or performance issues are advised to download the latest version and reinstall.

BitBrowser 5.0.9 Upgrade Log (2023-8-29)

  1. Enhance cache synchronization security protection. It is not compatible with cache data from older versions. We recommend all users to upgrade to the latest version. All cache synchronization functions have been disabled in older versions; upgrading to the latest version is necessary to use them.

  2. System settings and window configurations now include the options to delete cloud-based extension cache and query cloud-based extension cache.

  3. Added validation for "Enable Extension Data Sync." Enabling extension data synchronization requires mandatory password input.

  4. Temporarily disable the 'Sync Extension Data Across Browsers' feature, to be re-enabled after further enhancement and optimization.

BitBrowser 5.0.8 Upgrade Log (2023-8-22)

  1. Internationalization language includes Russian.

  2. Added /cache/clear/exceptExtensions interface to delete cache while retaining extension data.

  3. Added random fingerprint interface at /browser/fingerprint/random.

  4. Added a new option in system settings: "Support using Google Translate with Chinese proxy IPs." When enabled, the browser windows can use Google Translate even when using Chinese proxy IPs.

  5. Added a new option in system settings: "Browser Window Opening Style." Once configured, all browser windows will open in the specified style.

  6. Optimized the issue of upgrade failures due to occupied files during the upgrade process.

  7. Enhanced synchronization of cache-related issues.

  8. Profiles export optimization, arrange in reverse order by seq.

BitBrowser 5.0.7 Upgrade Log (2023-8-11)

  1. Fix the error when opening through the /browser/open interface.

  2. Enhance data security.

  3. Optimize the issue of abnormal proxy traffic.

BitBrowser 5.0.6 Upgrade Log (2023-8-9)

  1. Strengthen fingerprint encryption and optimize fingerprinting.

  2. Added the option to clear browser cache while keeping extension data in browser windows.

  3. Enhanced the browser opening status popup, allowing for minimization and continued execution during the opening process.

  4. Added the 'all' parameter to /group/list, set to true to retrieve all groups within the permission scope.

  5. Introduced the /checkagent proxy detection interface to facilitate proxy detection for API users.

  6. Improved the /browser/open interface.

  7. Enhanced custom extension functionality and resolved bugs.

BitBrowser 5.0.5 Upgrade Log (2023-7-20)

  1. Optimize adaptive arrangement.

  2. Optimize cache synchronization.

  3. Optimize the /browser/open interface.

  4. Add /browser/ports to return a collection of port objects for all open windows.

BitBrowser 5.0.4 Upgrade Log (2023-7-10)

  1. Fixed an issue where RPA schedules set in days were not executing.

  2. Improved RPA functionality to allow execution even with open browsers.

  3. Optimized browser restart.

  4. Fixed occasional issue with saving cookies on certain websites.

  5. Fixed intermittent problem with proxy detection.

  6. Optimized bookmark synchronization, allowing existing browsers to be updated when syncing or updating bookmarks.

  7. Added "Minimize To Tray After Opening" feature to system settings.

  8. Cloud synchronization added to custom extensions in the Extension Center.

  9. Added "Sync Status To Employee Account" feature when enabling or disabling extensions in the Extension Center. When enabled, the same extensions on sub-accounts will be automatically enabled or disabled.

  10. Improved cache directory modification to automatically copy extensions to the new directory.

  11. Added "Stop opening when IP changes" feature to preferences settings.

  12. Added batch deletion and duplicate proxy IP validation to proxy IP management.

  13. Added "Adaptive arrangement" feature to window arrangement, automatically arranging windows.

  14. Sub-accounts can enable two-factor authentication.

  15. Removed "extractIp" parameter from the "/browser/open" interface, with IP extraction now the default behavior. Added "pid" return parameter for opened windows.

BitBrowser 5.0.3 Upgrade Log (2023-5-15)

  1. The agent detection has added a new duplicate IP detection function. If the proxy IP has been used in the client, the last time it was used will be displayed.

  2. The extraction of IP has added a duplicate detection function. When a duplicate proxy IP is detected during extraction, a new IP can be extracted again, with a maximum of 5 retries.

  3. RPA has added a variables variable, which can be obtained through the automa's js block to get the ID of the current browser profile: const browserId = automaRefData(‘variables’, ‘browserId’)

  4. Fixed the issue where the client did not respond in some cases.

  5. Fixed the issue where individual browsers could not be executed during RPA operation.

  6. Fixed the issue where the browser running RPA did not continue to run when proxied again.

BitBrowser 5.0.2 Upgrade Log (2023-4-26)

  1. RPA fixes the issue of the executed status of loop tasks

  2. Optimize the multi-selection problem when binding browsers with RPA pagination

  3. Added restart browser function, which can reopen the specified browser in the original position

  4. Fixed the issue that the browser browser cannot synchronize the proxy IP when the workbench selection is not displayed

  5. Fixed the issue that the browser status is not synchronized when the computer wakes up from sleep

  6. The /browser/open interface adds seq, name, remark, groupId fields to return

  7. System settings add save file and download directory settings, select file directory settings

  8. System settings add webpage zoom function, which can globally modify the zoom ratio of all browsers

  9. Proxy settings add refresh proxy IP function, which requires proxy IP provider support for refresh

  10. When creating/modifying a browser, cancel the mandatory verification of the platform URL

BitBrowser 4.0.4 | 4.1.7 Upgrade Log (2023-4-11)

  1. The RPA automation function of Bitbrowser is online, supporting workflow design and scheduled task management

  2. Add 112 cores

  3. Optimize kernel upgrade and installation

  4. Optimize cache synchronization to improve performance

  5. Optimize the file occupation problem that may be caused by cache cleaning

  6. Optimize the page turning input box, which can fully display 4 digits

  7. In the browser window, add a "jump to middle" button, click to scroll to the middle of the list

  8. Fix the problem that the copy function of some lines cannot be used

  9. Architecture optimization to improve system performance

BitBrowser 4.0.3 | 4.1.5 Upgrade Log (2023-3-21)

  1. Added a new binding E-mail in Profile page. When retrieving the user name or forgetting the password, you can choose the E-mail verification method

  2. User Agent version updated to 111

BitBrowser 4.0.3 | 4.1.4 Upgrade Log (2023-3-11)

  1. Added the function of shielding the operation log, which can be enabled in the main account operation log (note: shielding the operation log is an irreversible operation, once the shielding is confirmed, the operation log will never be displayed again!)

  2. Added a complete deletion window, which needs to confirm the input password to prevent the window from being deleted by mistake.

  3. Added a window to delete the recycle bin, you need to confirm the password to prevent the window from being deleted by mistake.

BitBrowser 4.0.3 | 4.1.3 Upgrade Log (2023-2-27)

  1. The Mac version is online, supporting macOS 10.15 Catalina and later

  2. In the browser preference settings, the workbench has added a "Disable" option. After selecting, the workbench will not be displayed when the browser is opened, and the local page will no longer be forced to be displayed when the API is opened.

  3. Fixed the problem that some users could not load the extension when the API opened the browser

  4. The Local API /browser/open interface is adjusted to load extensions by default. If you don’t want to load them, set loadExtensions to false

  5. When the Extensios uploads local extensions, some extensions cannot recognize the upload problem

BitBrowser 4.0.2 | 4.1.2 Upgrade Log (2023-2-20)

  1. Fix the problem that the language does not switch together when switching lines

  2. Fix allowedSign to allow login to chrome

  3. Fix the problem that some extensions open a blank page and the browser cannot be closed

  4. Added "Disable Translate Pop-up" preference setting. After opening, the browser will not pop up the Google Translate pop-up window in the upper right corner by default.

  5. The Local API adds the /browser/pids/all interface to get the pids of all living browsers

  6. Local API /browser/open adds return kernel version and chromedriver path

  7. Added switching line configuration on the loading startup page

BitBrowser 4.0.1 | 4.1.2 Upgrade Log (2023-2-17)

  1. Bit Browser 104 Kernel Upgrade

  2. Optimize fingerprint items

  3. Optimize automatic detection, such as tiktok's inability to log in and register

  4. Optimize the problem that human-machine detection cannot pass

BitBrowser 4.0.1 | 4.1.2 Upgrade Log (2023-2-13)

  1. BitBrowser has newly added the function of updating and exporting cookie files separately. For the case that Excel cannot be exported due to the cookie being too long, the cookie file can be exported separately

  2. add [Show Remark Column] permission configuration, to Users => roles => Browser Profiles to config

BitBrowser 4.0.1 | 4.1.1 Upgrade Log (2023-2-7)

  1. New international configuration, new English language

  2. New dual authentication function in personal center

  3. New payment method

BitBrowser 4.0.1 Upgrade Log (2023-1-30)

  1. Fix and optimize some local API problems

  2. Optimize fingerprint items

  3. Fix accidental expansion failure

BitBrowser 3.0.9 Upgrade Log (2022-12-31)

  1. Fix the problem that the script cannot run when the mobile terminal runs selenium automation script

  2. The system sets the new browser proxy whitelist function, which can set the domain name whitelist for such as Facebook static resources, directly connect without proxy, and save traffic

  3. Local Api adds/health interface, which can be used to determine whether the local server is connected normally

  4. WebRtc fingerprint project optimization to solve the problem that some websites, such as xbox, cannot be opened

  5. Local Api adds the/browser/ids/live interface, which is an enhanced version of the pids interface. It will determine whether the process exits completely and optimize the browser status query results

  6. The accidental process cannot exit after the repair window is closed

BitBrowser 3.0.8 Upgrade Log (2022-12-09)

  1. Add a new preference setting [Do not save password pop-up window]. After it is opened, you can prevent the browser from popping up a prompt to save password pop-up window

  2. Fix the problem that the local API port may change in some cases

  3. Local Api browser/list Add remark, seq, minSeq, maxSeqQuery parameters

  4. Fix the problem that individual extensions cannot synchronize data

  5. Click the browser toolbar label, such as the serial number copy label

  6. The underlying optimization improves fingerprint security and performance

BitBrowser 3.0.7 Upgrade Log (2022-11-18)

  1. When the window is closed, only the http or https protocol URL limit is synchronized. Now all urls are allowed to be synchronizedWhen the window is closed, only the http or https protocol URL limit is synchronized. Now all urls are allowed to be synchronized

  2. Optimize and repair some group control problems

  3. Preferences Add Sync Local Storage

  4. New Local API batch delete window interface/browser/delete/ids

BitBrowser 3.0.6 Upgrade Log (2022-10-21)

  1. Add SSH proxy method

  2. The optimization is fixed to the task bar, and the administrator mode will not pop up under the win8 or win7 system

  3. Optimize fingerprint items for more reasonable matching

  4. Optimize the underlying architecture and make the client run faster and smoother

  5. Adjust the simulation input shortcut key to Ctrl+Shift+E

  6. Fix the problem that the window status is not synchronized in some cases, and add a retry mechanism to allow window information to be resynchronized after network adjustment

  7. The common settings of the browser add "Synchronize saved account password" to save the account password logged in on the web page

  8. Optimize the problem of expanding pop-up pages when opening the browser, and adjust it to pop up only once when the extension is loaded for the first time

BitBrowser 3.0.5 Upgrade Log (2022-10-09)

  1. Add synchronization to extend application data, and support synchronization with and across windows

  2. The system sets performance monitoring and removes CPU monitoring to reduce false positives

  3. Optimize browser calls to reduce accidental exceptions

  4. Local Api adds/browser/update/partial interface, supports only modifying the value of the incoming field, and supports batch modification

  5. Support automatic docking to the taskbar

  6. Optimize agent detection and solve some IP detection failures

  7. Fix the problem of Google's inability to log in, and frequent pop-up human-machine verification. Fix the problem of Google's inability to log in, and frequent pop-up human-machine verification

BitBrowser 3.0.4 Upgrade Log (2022-09-26)

  1. Fix the problem of Google's inability to log in and the problem of human-machine authentication that has been popping up

BitBrowser 3.0.3 Upgrade Log (2022-09-16)

  1. Add synchronization to extend application data, and support synchronization with and across windows

  2. The system sets performance monitoring and removes CPU monitoring to reduce false positives

  3. Optimize browser calls to reduce accidental exceptions

  4. Local Api adds/browser/update/partial interface, supports only modifying the value of the incoming field, and supports batch modification

  5. Support automatic docking to the taskbar

  6. Optimize agent detection and solve some IP detection failures

BitBrowser 3.0.2 Upgrade Log (2022-08-26)

  1. The newly released group control system supports one-control multi-window synchronous operation

  2. The new 32-bit version of the client supports the use of 32-bit systems

  3. Local Api fixed port, supports modification, and is compatible with the old version of reading the configuration file to obtain the service port

  4. Local Api opens the window/browser/open interface and adds the extractIp parameter. If it is set to true, the attempt to automatically extract IP will be enabled

  5. Add Luminati static detection agent channel and correct detection results

  6. Optimize other architectures and performance

BitBrowser 2.4.5 Upgrade Log (2022-08-06)

  1. Add browser corner marker custom display type, and select window name, remarks, etc

  2. When adding a custom resolution, the maximum size of the constraint window cannot exceed the resolution

  3. Local Api adds a batch closing window interface browser/close/syseqs by serial number

  4. Fix the pop-up debug problem of individual websites on the mobile end

  5. On the left side of the browser toolbar, add the display of custom corner marks

  6. Fix the size of pop-up windows on some websites

BitBrowser 2.4.4 Upgrade Log (2022-07-27)

  1. Fix browser problems

  2. Optimize infrastructure and improve stability

BitBrowser 2.4.3 Upgrade Log (2022-07-12)

  1. Optimize and upgrade to 2.4. x, and update the kernel slowly when opening the window

  2. Solve the problem of open page blank

BitBrowser 2.4.2 Upgrade Log (2022-06-21)

  1. Fix the problem of blank opening url of some windows

  2. Fix some flashback problems

  3. When repairing the global agent, the agent detection is inaccurate

  4. Fix the chromedriver error when the 104 kernel uses selenium connection

BitBrowser 2.4.1 Upgrade Log (2022-06-13)

  1. Upgrade the kernel of version 104 to enhance the camouflage of fingerprints and comprehensively improve the security of fingerprints

  2. Add SSL fingerprint settings and custom plug-in fingerprint settings, which are valid for 104 cores

  3. Common settings add to prohibit the website from playing sound, close the browser and continue to run the application, and use hardware acceleration mode

  4. When setting the custom resolution of fingerprint, add the scaling setting

  5. Fix font random fingerprint problem

BitBrowser 2.3.10 Upgrade Log (2022-05-18)

  1. Add [Restore Default Settings] for all settings in system settings

  2. Add common preferences [Disable automatic video playback/preloading]

  3. Added Ipv6 detection

  4. System Settings Basic Settings Adjust Performance Monitoring Defaults

  5. Local Api adds batch modification window comment interface/browser/update/remark

BitBrowser 2.3.9 Upgrade Log (2022-05-07)

  1. Fix the problem that some Google Store extensions cannot be added

  2. Local Api adds batch modification grouping interface/browser/update/group

  3. Local Api adds batch modification agent interface/browser/proxy/update

  4. Other problems optimization

BitBrowser 2.3.8 Upgrade Log (2022-04-25)

  1. Optimization and adjustment of the extension center, support users to add local extensions, support the identification and addition of Google App Store extensions

  2. Add [Browser Window Workbench Page] preferences, and you can select the workbench display page

  3. Add [Delete cache file before starting browser] preference setting, clear cache when starting browser

  4. Add [Delete cookies before starting browser] preferences, and clear browser cookies when starting browser

  5. Add the preference setting of [Delete history before starting the browser], and clear the history when starting the browser

  6. Add the preference setting of [Random fingerprint when browsing is started], and the fingerprint will be random once every time

  7. Table supports scrolling by pressing up and down keys

  8. Proxy settings in global settings can be modified

  9. The employee management authority is detailed, and the browser window, group management, recycle bin, expansion center, etc. support more detailed authority allocation

  10. Browser window and Recycle Bin support selecting windows, press and hold the Shift key, and select all windows between the two windows at the same time when continuing to select windows

BitBrowser 2.3.7 Upgrade Log (2022-04-11)

  1. Add global settings and synchronization bookmark function. When the window is opened, the bookmarks uploaded in the global settings will be synchronized

  2. The main program window can be resized, and the default minimum size can be adjusted to 700 x 400

  3. Fix the bug that windows cannot be opened under some operating systems

  4. Other logic optimization

BitBrowser 2.3.6 Upgrade Log (2022-03-26)

  1. New performance monitoring function is set in the system. When the disk space of CPU, memory and cache reaches the limit, stop opening the window

  2. The system sets the new batch opening window time interval setting. When the window is opened in batch, the window will be opened in sequence according to the set time interval to prevent the computer CPU and memory from soaring

  3. When Local Api opens the window, the workbench does not display chuhai2345.com by default

  4. Browser window, add user name, specified serial number, agent information and other search criteria

BitBrowser 2.3.5 Upgrade Log (2022-03-18)

  1. The system setting adds the function of automatically deleting cache. After setting the number of days, the cache files before the corresponding number of days will be automatically deleted each time the software starts

  2. Local Api/browser/open optimization, add the loadExtensions parameter, and choose whether to load local extensions

  3. Local Api concurrency control bug repair and optimization

  4. The console is updated and optimized, and the chuhai2345.com portal is displayed by default, providing quick access to common tools and knowledge popularization for cross-border business

  5. Solve the problem that the tabs cannot be synchronized when 911s5 is agent again or closed in batches

BitBrowser 2.3.4 | 2.8.6 Upgrade Log (2022-02-27)

  1. System settings, new fingerprint preference settings, preferences can be set for browser fingerprint items. When creating a window, the set value will be applied by default

  2. Add an operation log module, which can query the operation log of every window modification and deletion

  3. The server adds API call restrictions and error rate monitoring

BitBrowser 2.3.4 Upgrade Log (2022-02-15)

  1. Add a tray display picture, and when the window is closed, you can choose to minimize to the tray

  2. Open window. When the mouse moves to the opened area, all user names that open this window will be displayed

  3. Browser window search window function optimization, adding window opening status search criteria

  4. When using 911, iphtml, lumauto, oxylabsauto agents, the IP address is obtained randomly. When the second time is opened, the IP address of a specific state or city will be found from this IP address

  5. Add the window currently being opened on this machine, and it is not allowed to delete

  6. Start the pop-up window, click x to close the pop-up window, and the browser will stop opening

BitBrowser 2.3.3 Upgrade Log (2022-01-28)

  1. Add the window arrangement function, which can arrange the open windows according to the grid or diagonal line for easy management

  2. More operations in browser window, adding batch to set window as common and cancel

  3. Add shortcut buttons to jump to the top and jump to the bottom on the right side of the page bar at the bottom of the browser window and recycle bin

  4. When modifying the group of the main account, add the specified ungrouped

  5. Sharing function optimization, query itself by default, and query the data under the target user when selecting a user

  6. New batch update window information function, which can batch edit window information at one time

  7. Optimize the browser Tabs synchronization and order, and the tag order will be synchronized together

  8. Adjust the length of window comment characters to 500 characters

BitBrowser 2.3.2 Upgrade Log (2022-01-15)

  1. Solve the problem of pop-up console when simulating mobile terminal

  2. Add Luminati, Oxylabs and IPHTML global proxy

  3. Optimize software performance

BitBrowser 2.3.1 | 2.7.7 Upgrade Log (2022-01-07)

  1. Solve the problem of local Api concurrent calls, and limit the number of concurrent calls to 10 times per second

  2. When repairing the 911s5 agent, the window jammed and did not open

  3. Optimize the architecture, optimize the local configuration storage, and solve the problem of exceptions caused by file occupation in some windows

  4. Add connection line switching to solve the problem that some machines cannot be opened and cannot be synchronized due to abnormal ssl certificates

  5. Fix the problem that the selected window on the previous page still carries to the next page when switching paging

  6. When repairing 911 proxy again, the client will pop up a confirmation window to confirm whether to continue to open

BitBrowser 2.2.10 | 2.7.6 Upgrade Log (2021-12-26)

  1. Optimization of employee group permissions. The browser window displays the window of the current account, the window of authorization window and the window of sub-account and the window of authorization to sub-account by default. After selecting an employee, the window of the employee itself, and the corresponding window of authorization window and sub-account managed by the employee are displayed

  2. Adjust and modify the group permissions. When creating a modification window for a sub-account, you must make a group. There is no limit on modifying the group. You can arbitrarily specify the group within the scope of permissions. For example, you can directly modify the window group to the group under the sub-account

  3. Group management can specify the belonging user. After modifying the belonging user, the group and the window under the group will be transferred to other users together

  4. Adjust the batch creation, adjust the [Batch Random UA] to the [Fingerprint Generation Method], and raise the setting position below the created quantity

  5. Adjust the cloning window to set the number of clones and fingerprint generation method

  6. When importing, fix the problem of ineffective preference settings

  7. When the Recycle Bin restores the window, you need to select a group and restore it to the corresponding group

  8. Add filter shortcut selection to browser window and recycle bin, display all windows within the permission by default, add [self-built], and quickly select the self-created window

  9. Optimize sharing management, add user display and search criteria

  10. Transfer optimization adjustment. When transferring the window, you need to specify the user name and group at the same time

BitBrowser 2.2.10 Upgrade Log (2021-12-09)

  1. Add a new synchronization session. After it is enabled, you can synchronize the "recently closed tabs" and other information in the history

  2. Add the Allow to log in to Chrome option. After closing, you can log in to Google websites such as Gmail without logging in to Chrome (at the same time, you can synchronize the login status of Google websites such as Gmail between different computers)

  3. Select the IP query channel when adding agent settings. When the agent detects that the IP information is different, you can switch different channels to select the appropriate IP query channel

  4. Fix the problem that 911State is unknown. At this time, take the IP address from the country

  5. When the sharing window is shared with others, the fingerprint can be modified

  6. The main account can share and transfer any window, including the window created by employees

  7. The browser window page adds a search window by employee, serial number, and remarks. After searching by employee, the group will display the group of employees by default

  8. New function of viewing employee window data in employee management

  9. Create a group, add a group name duplicate verification function

  10. The browser window adds the custom display column function and the drag and adjust column width function

BitBrowser 2.2.9 Upgrade Log (2021-11-27)

  1. Fix synchronization history issues

  2. Architecture optimization, other problems optimization

BitBrowser 2.2.8 Upgrade Log (2021-11-15)

  1. Optimize the system settings and change the entrance to the left navigation bar

  2. Add preferences such as synchronization tab, synchronization cookie, synchronization IndexedDB, synchronization bookmark, synchronization of saved password, synchronization history, etc

  3. New Fingerprint Settings for Speech Voices and Media Device

  4. Browser window grouping Delete and add Ungroup to quickly filter out windows without grouping

  5. New port scan protection

  6. The window recycle bin is changed to the recycle bin, and the function of emptying all is added. You can clear all the windows created by yourself in the recycle bin with one click

  7. Optimize window status synchronization, and solve the problem that some windows are out of synchronization due to accidents

  8. Optimize cookie synchronization and settings, and solve the problem of unsuccessful cookie settings for some websites

BitBrowser 2.2.7 Upgrade Log (2021-11-08)

  1. Add the function of extracting the proxy IP through the proxy platform API, and set it in the proxy settings

  2. Optimize batch opening window and add progress display

  3. Optimize fingerprint item device selection, and automatically match a default window size when switching PC/Android/iOS

  4. Fix the problem that Google account and Gmail mailbox can't maintain login

  5. Optimize cookie storage and synchronization

  6. Add ClientRects, device name, device MAC address fingerprint settings

BitBrowser 2.2.6 Upgrade Log (2021-10-25)

  1. The workbench refreshes the IP adjustment. Click the refresh IP button to obtain the current proxy IP information, including the use of 911s5 in sock5 mode

  2. The agent detects the adjustment of IP information and adds more IP information such as time zone, longitude and latitude

  3. Add preference settings. You can set whether the browser disables the picture and whether to continue to open when the network is blocked. You can set preference settings in the system settings. Subsequent created windows will have priority to apply global preferences

  4. Optimize fingerprint project

  5. Local Api/browser/open interface adds args parameter, which can customize the incoming browser startup parameters

BitBrowser 2.2.5 Upgrade Log (2021-10-20)

  1. Fix the browser bookmark bar and the expansion cannot fix the problem

  2. Fix invalid resolution fingerprint settings

  3. Add the simulation input function. You can go to the System Settings and Extension Center to enable the simulation input plug-in

  4. Add simulated IOS fingerprint and optimize Android fingerprint configuration

  5. The login interface adds the function of automatically recording account login history

  6. The "Ignore HTTPS certificate error" option is added to the fingerprint configuration. After it is enabled, the webpage can ignore the https certificate error prompt and open it directly

  7. Create a modification window. When the account platform selects Other, it is allowed to leave blank. If left blank, only the workbench page will be opened

  8. Workbench title adjustment, format: serial number - window name - workbench

  9. Semantic optimization of workbench prompt information

  10. Page number and sorting, keeping the last operation history

BitBrowser 2.2.4 Upgrade Log (2021-10-08)

  1. Add and synchronize all cookies. When a window closes, all tab page cookies will be synchronized

  2. The local Api service port is saved in config.json under the user directory and can be read directly. For details, please see the use document

  3. New window sharing and transfer, which can be shared or completely transferred to another user

  4. New export window function by group

  5. Fix the problem of invalid openWidth and openHeight set by API open window

  6. Add Tinder.com to account platform

  7. Add browser window Sort by window name

  8. Import supporting hardware, WebGL randomly generated

  9. Import and export templates compatible with other fingerprint browsers

BitBrowser 1.8.2 Upgrade Log (2021-09-01)

Detailed bill record display function of online recharging

BitBrowser 1.8.1 Upgrade Log (2021-08-09)

The browser setting interface of browser window management has been optimized to enhance user experience and usage habits

BitBrowser 1.8 Upgrade Log (2021-07-24)

Re-optimize the browser kernel to reduce the memory consumption by 30% after a single browser window is opened

BitBrowser 1.7.5 Upgrade Log (2021-06-10)

Fixed the problem that some users exited the browser main program but the process was not completely closed

BitBrowser 1.7.4 Upgrade Log (2021-05-15)

Fix the problem that some users do not update when automatic update is forced

BitBrowser 1.7.3 Upgrade Log (2021-04-10)

Re-optimize the browser kernel to improve the speed and stability of opening browser windows

BitBrowser 1.7.2 Upgrade Log (2021-03-25)

Tabs in the UI interface are supported to make user operation more convenient

BitBrowser 1.7.1 Upgrade Log (2021-02-01)

The personal center interface has been optimized and the display content is more detailed

BitBrowser 1.7 Upgrade Log (2021-01-13)

Browser fingerprints have been added. After the update, more than 20 browser fingerprints can be set

BitBrowser 1.6.3 Upgrade Log (2020-12-02)

Enhanced UI experience of browser window and browser recycle bin

BitBrowser 1.6.2 Upgrade Log (2020-11-12)

For browser window and browser window recycle bin, various filter conditions are added, such as time, grouping, operating user, remarks, etc

BitBrowser 1.6.1 Upgrade Log (2020-10-28)

Upgrade and optimize the browser window recycle bin, and support reply to browser windows in the recycle bin

Bit Browser 1.6 Upgrade Log (2020-09-04)

The online browser window recycle bin system supports users to delete currently unused browser windows

BitBrowser 1.5 Upgrade Log (2020-08-19)

Online promotion sharing and cooperation system

BitBrowser 1.4.3 Upgrade Log (2020-07-18)

Fixed the problem that multiple people can open the same window at the same time

BitBrowser 1.4.2 Upgrade Log (2020-06-06)

For employee permission management, more detailed settings have been added and employee permissions have been refined

BitBrowser 1.4.1 Upgrade Log (2020-05-15)

Fixed a potential vulnerability in employee authority management to prevent employees from breaking management authority and operating beyond boundaries

BitBrowser 1.4 Upgrade Log (2020-04-02)

The function of employee permission management has been added to support multi-user collaborative office work, and assign, set and modify permissions for specified employee users

BitBrowser 1.3.2 Upgrade Log (2020-03-22)

Fixed the problem that more than 30 browser windows would be stuck for 5-10 seconds at the same time

BitBrowser 1.3.1 Upgrade Log (2020-02-01)

Optimize the proxy IP core, make the proxy IP link more stable, and improve the speed more

BitBrowser 1.3 Upgrade Log (2020-01-07)

Optimized browser kernel, more stable and faster with more browser windows

BitBrowser 1.2.2 Upgrade Log (2019-12-20)

Fixed the problem of delay in opening products online

BitBrowser 1.2.1 Upgrade Log (2019-11-12)

The online recharging and online opening functions of the product have been opened, and users can open the product more flexibly and freely

BitBrowser 1.2.0 Upgrade Log (2019-10-20)

The product opening package has been added, and the product package is more flexible to meet personalized needs

BitBrowser 1.1.2 Upgrade Log (September 15, 2019)

According to the user's suggestions, the product UI layout has been adjusted, which is more in line with the user's daily operation habits and increases the convenience of operation

BitBrowser 1.1.1 Upgrade Log (2019-08-08)

Added product UI style options

BitBrowser 1.1.0 Upgrade Log (2019-07-03)

Updated product UI style, users can freely choose their favorite UI style

BitBrowser 1.0.0 Upgrade Log (2019-06-01)

Fingerprint browser version 1.0.0 officially launched

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