Proxy IP Management

Proxy IP management allows you to add proxy IP to the proxy IP management page, and the next time you create an environment, you can directly select the added proxy IP for use.

Display location

As shown in the above figure, open the client ->click on the left menu "Proxy IP" ->switch to the "Proxy IP Management" tab.

Red box 1: Click on the dropdown to select "Add Proxy" or "Batch Add Proxy" to add proxy IP.

Red box 2: "Batch agent detection" can batch detect whether the agent is available. After successful detection, the agent can be used normally.

Red box 3: The search criteria for the proxy IP list can be used to search for proxy IPs based on the above search criteria.

Red box 4: Display the list of proxy IPs that have been added.

Add Proxy IP

The above image shows' adding a single proxy IP '.

Proxy method, select 'Custom Proxy'!

IP query channels can be accessed through IP-API, IP123, Luminati dedicated, and other IP channels.

Proxy type, selected based on the actual type situation, supports HTTP, https, socks5, SSH and other forms of proxy!

Fill in the proxy host, proxy port, proxy account, and proxy password according to the actual situation.

Refresh URL: This feature only supports proxies with the "Refresh URL Function". Clicking the refresh icon will automatically execute the refresh URL and change the IP address of the window. When multiple windows use the same proxy information, refreshing proxy P will simultaneously change the IP addresses of multiple windows.

Check for duplicate items: Compare with all items in the "Proxy P Management" list. When the proxy type and proxy information are completely consistent with a certain item, it is determined that the item is a duplicate item and will not be added!

After adding the information, click on "Proxy Detection" in the upper right corner. Once successful, it can be added to the proxy IP list.

The above image shows "Batch Add Proxy IP".

Click on "Batch Add Agents" to pop up the Batch Add Agents pop-up window.

Agent information: Fill in the text box without filling in each line. Follow the rules on the right side and carefully read the filling instructions and format. If the filling is incorrect, the addition will not be successful.

Batch proxy detection: After successful detection, click the OK button to successfully add proxy IP in bulk.

Batch proxy detection

Select the IP to be tested and click on "Batch Proxy Testing".

The detected proxy IPs will be tested in sequence and can be used normally if there are no issues with the detection.

Red box 1: After selecting multiple proxy IPs, you can batch delete proxies.

Red Box 2: Edit Proxy.

Red box 3: Single delete agent.

Click on the "Bind Window" icon in the proxy list to quickly bind the window. After successful binding, the window opens and the environment can be used normally.

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