Add a new browser profile

  • Launch -> To "Browsers" -> Click "Add"

  • Fill in the required and optional fields.

  1. Browser Name: Name the browser profile.

  2. Group: Assign a group for the browser profile, you can manage groups from "Groups".

  3. Platform: Required field, the platform url will be opened automatically after the browser launched. And the "Username", "Password" below here will be autofilled for platform. You can also select "Others" for customize.

  4. Duplicate Validation: If the platform, username, password completely same with exist data, will not add this browser profile if you selected the checkbox.

  5. Cookie: Set cookies for this browser profile before launch.

  6. Open Urls: Will open these urls automatically after launch.

  7. Proxy Type: Provide your Proxy IP.

  8. Proxy Method: Use local proxy, please select "Direct Mode"; Support Http, Https, Socks, SSH and other proxy methods. Reference Proxy Settings.

Browser Fingerprint Settings

  • Fingerprint fields are constantly updated, you can safely use it. Refer to Browser Fingerprinting.

  • Click "Random Fingerprint" to random all fingerprint field values.

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