(1) Add browser -- Set luminati/oxylabs/iphtml/ipidea dynamic proxy

  1. To "Browsers" -> Add Browser

  2. Select Custom Proxy Type.

  3. IP look up service, we provide IP-API, IP123, and Luminati exclusive.

  4. Select Proxy Type as you need, support luminati, oxylabs, iphtml and ipidea etc.

  5. Use Global Section: Based on the proxy infos settled at Settings -> Global -> Proxy.

  6. Fill in the Host, Port, Username and Password.

  7. IP: Fill in the default IP, then click blank of the page to detect the country, state and city infos.

(2) Batch Import -- Set luminati/oxylabs/iphtml/ipidea proxy

  1. To "Browsers" -> Click Batch Import

  2. Download Template file.

  3. Fill in template as you need.

  4. Fill in the proxy type with luminati/oxylabs/iphtml/ipidea as ① shows on screenshot.

  5. Proxy Info: format as Host:Port:Username:Password, as ② shows on screenshot.

  6. "Country/Region", "State/Provice", "CIty" column: Fill in the code to ③④⑤ which can be found on sheet "County Code List". Leave ③④⑤ blank, will random a IP for use, if fill in these infos, then will random a IP from the provided country/state/city.

  7. Save file and import.

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