How to use Rola-IP

Rola-IP official website:

  1. To "Proxy IP", click "To Rola-IP Admin", it will open the rola website with default browser and auto login.

To ROLA-IP, click "Recharge online", then subscribe a package you need.

  1. Buy a proxy IP and get Host, Port, Username and Password.

2.1 For example, get at least 4 Dynamic Residential IP. Operation: Select "Overseas Residential IP" -> Click "Dynamic Residential IP" -> Select country and region and other item -> Click "Generate proxy informatioin", you will get your proxy infos as below:

2.2 Get at least 4 "Static Resi IP". Operation: Click "Global Residential IP" -> Click "Static RESI IP (Bandwidth)" or "Static RESI IP (Monthly)" -> Select Quantity and Country and other infos -> Click "Buy Now", then you can get your data:

2.3 Other platforms, reference current

  1. Back to BitBrowser Proxy Setting, Select a proxy type such as "socks5":

4、 Fill in the Host, Port, Username, Password from ROLA-IP:

5、 Click "Check Proxy", get proxy result like this. Click "Confirm" to save.

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