How to use IPHTML

  1. Log in to IPHTML(, to "Proxy Zone", click "Add Zone".

  1. Enter the proxy user name, proxy password, select the proxy network, IP whitelist (optional to add), after all is completed, click "Save" to create.

  1. After the addition is complete, the agent created by yourself will be displayed, and then click "Edit" to enter the edit page of the channel.

  1. Copy the proxy account, proxy password, proxy host, proxy port information, and then need to fill in the proxy settings in the BitBrowser window.

  1. Launch BitBrowser, click one of the buttons to set proxy.

  1. Close "Use Global Section", enter the proxy host, proxy port, proxy account, proxy password, select the area to be proxy, check the proxy success, and click the "Confirm" button to save.

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