Add Users and Set Permissions

  • Add user and assign a role.

  • To "Users" -> Click "Add"

  • The maximum number of users you can add depends on the package you subscribe. You can upgrade the package and change the package to increase the number of supported users.

  • Add User

  1. Role: select an exist role, if you dont have a role then add role first.

  2. Name: Name of the user.

  3. User Name, Password: The login username and password.

  4. Phone Number, Email: Your phone number and email.

  5. Data Role:

    Admin: Manage all users permissions.

    Manager: Manage browsers, users, groups and other permissions of the user assigned.

    Member: Have no management permission, only for browsers and groups.

  6. Group: Assign groups to the user.

  7. Allocated Quantity: The maximum of browsers the user could add. Add group first for sub user.

  8. Confirm and save.

  1. Click browser button to show browser datas of the user.

  2. Click edit button to update user infos.

  3. Click delete button to delete user.

  4. Click lock button to update user password.

  5. Swith status, enable or disable the user.

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