Batch export cookies/Batch update cookies

Batch export cookies

Open the client ->enter the left menu item "Browser window" ->click the "More operations" button ->click the menu item "Batch export cookies". Currently, it supports the export of selected browser window cookies, the export of cookies in the specified sequence number range window, and the export of cookies in the specified grouping window.

Batch update cookies

Open the client ->click the "Browser Profiles" on the left menu ->click the "V" icon on the right side of the "Add" button ->click "Batch Update cCookies" to import the folder zip file to be updated, and select the "Confirm" button to update successfully.

be careful:

  1. Each browser cookie must use a separate txt file named by the window serial number. For example, if the window serial number is 123, it will be named 123.txt;

  2. All txt files are placed in the same folder, named Cookies, and then compressed into zip files;

  3. The size of the cookie. zip file that can update up to 100 txt format (windows) at a time cannot exceed 20MB;

  4. After uploading successfully, the cookies in the corresponding serial number window will be replaced and updated with the latest cookies you uploaded.

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