How to use Pia S5

PIA S5 Proxy offical website:

Option 1: Manually set socks5 proxy

  1. Filter country and city, click "Start Proxy" to get IP list.

  1. Right click on row, click "Forward Port To Proxy" and select a port.

  1. Click "PortForwardList" for details.

  1. Launch BitBrowser and add browser.

  1. Set Proxy, select Socks5, fill in Host and Port then Check Proxy, and save.

Option 2: Extract by api

  1. Launch Pia S5, to "API", select country, state and city and start proxy.

  1. Once Proxy Start you will get a URL, copy it.

  1. Launch BitBrowser and set proxy, check "Extract By API", and select "Pia S5 Proxy" provider, select socks5 protocol and paste URL to Extraction Link. Test it and click "Confirm" to save.

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