Features and functions


  1. Groups can be used to classify browsers. Also you can assign a gorup to sub users. Refer to Users.

  2. Click "Add" to add new group.

  3. Click "Edit" to update group infos. Like name and sort.

  4. Click "Delete" to remove a group.

  1. You can quickly filter datas by Name,Group Name, Username, Seq, Min Seq, Max Seq, Remark, Proxy Type, Host and Status.

  2. Switch tabs, quickly filter group datas.


  • box1: Switch lines, you can switch lines when your local network error, detect IP failed or other issues.

  • box2: Package and browser used infos.

  • box3: Open times per day.

  • box4: Search filters.

  • box5: Reset opened browsers window bounds.

  • box6: Refresh data.

  • box7: Share with others.

  • box8: Reset table columns.

  • box9: Recycle Bin, refer to Recycle Bin.

  • box10: More operatioins, such as Open Selected, Clone Selected, Set As Favorite, Export, Batch Update Browsers etc.

  • box11: Selection for batch operation.

  • box12: Batch open selected browsers.

  • box13: Clone selected browser, you can both clone fingerprint infos or random it.

  • box14: Set Favorite.

  • box15: Export by selected, seq range and groups.

  • box16: Batch update browser's group, proxy, remark and all of other items.

  • box17: Close selected browsers.

  • box18: Clear selected browser's cache files.

  • box19: Share browsers with others.

  • box20: Transfer browsers to other BitBrowser users.

  • box21: Delete selected browsers, you can completely delete browsers(can not resotre) or move to recycle bin, refer to Recycle Bin.

  • box22: Config fingerprint items, same as add browser.

  • box23: Open browser.

  • box24: Set Favorite.

  • box25: Open selected browsers, close selected browsers, move to recycle bin and delete completely.

  • box26: Pagination

  • box27: If the agent has added a refresh URL, click to refresh to the latest URL

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