1. Why can't I get the BitBrowser account in the login window?

A: 1. Make sure that you have trully log in to BitBrowser; 2. If you do log into BitBrowser, try to click refresh button on BitBrowser and retry on BGCS again.

​2. Why some browser windows can be operated synchronously by group control, but some cannot?

A: In the list of controlled browsers, only the checked browsers will be executed group control synchronization operation, please make sure that the browser windows that need to be synchronized are selected.

3. Why some browser window mouse and keyboard synchronous operation is invalid?

A: 1.Mouse and keyboard synchronous operation requires all browser windows to be active and stable. If the system is busy at a certain time or a browser window is busy or unstable, some synchronization commands may fail. Please ensure that the system and browser is stable, execute the mouse and keyboard synchronization operation multiple times! (The controlled browser window must be in an active state, and minimization is invalid) 2.When performing keyboard combination key synchronization operations, such as: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V, etc., the speed of pressing and lifting the combination key should not be too fast, otherwise some windows may lose synchronization!

4. Why some windows cannot synchronize text operations?

A: When synchronizing text input, the corresponding input boxes of all browser windows must be in the input focus state, you can try to perform multiple operations.

5. Why is the function of getting and entering the verification code invalid?

A: First, make sure that the range of the verification code you locate must be a valid range. After locating the range, be sure to test it to ensure that the test result is correct. When obtaining the verification code, make sure that the account number and password of the platform are correct, and the verification code type is filled in correctly, and finally ensure that the platform must have sufficient balance!

6. How to solve the problem that the synchronization of the mouse wheel operation is invalid?

A: The synchronous operation of the mouse wheel requires all the controlled windows to be in an active state, and at the same time the controlled windows should not be covered by any other windows!

7. In "Settings", some parameter settings have been made, why is it invalid?

A: After setting, be sure to click the save button to save.

8.Why do other controlled windows experience delayed synchronization when performing synchronization operations?

A: That's because the 5.0.0 version of group control added the function of mouse delay synchronization. If you don't want to turn on mouse delay synchronization, you can check whether the "Mouse Event Delay Time Settings" switch is turned on in the settings page of the group control system and turn it off.

9. Why do some windows not synchronize with the main control window when mouse delay synchronization is enabled?

A: The delayed synchronization operation of the mouse is based on the mouse event during use. It is recommended to operate on the next mouse event after the previous mouse event is completed, otherwise there may be some windows that have not executed the mouse event.

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